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Animation Mentor                                         2008- 2009

Certificate in Advanced Studies in Character Animation



Expression College for Digital Arts
Emeryville, California                                     2004-2007

Bachelors of Science in Animation and Visual Effects                                                                                                    

Technical Qualifications
  • Maya (12 years)

       Unity Engine (10 years)

  • Motion Capture (3 year)


       CineMachine ( 2 years)

       Rigging/Character Setup (4 years)


  • Photoshop (12 years)


  • 3D Animation (12 years)

  • Game Animation (8 years)


  • Character Animation (8 years)


  • Facial Animation (4 years)





Animating has been a lifelong dream for me. Growing up, I didn't have the internet and social media to keep me busy on the weekends. I woke up every Saturday morning to watch Looney Toons. The movies I watched in 90's were the golden age of Disney's animated features. Animation is an amazing art form. To be able fill a character with enough life to have an audience or player forget that it's not real and be drawn in, is a powerful thing.


My understanding of the principles of animation and my experience animating a vast variety of characters enables me to take on any shot or character. My solid grasp of body mechanics not only makes my animation look good, but makes it feel impactful. Having worked in various genres of games from MOBA, third person shooters to isometric dungeon crawlers, I can tailor my animation to best fit the game play and the camera view. I know that there are always ways to make my work better and I am constantly learning and improving.






  • Experience animating 

  • humans/humanoids, various animals and monsters of all sizes.


  • Traditionally trained in animation and comprehensive knowledge of the twelve principals of animation.


  • Experience managing outsoucers and other animators


  • Excels in production pipelines and team oriented work situations


  • Excellent communication skills


  • Comfortable with tech and art related tasks


  • Constructive use, understanding and abiliy to utilize criticism in a professional manner


  • Knowlegable in current motion capture techniques and pipeline.


  • Excellent organizational skills utilized for tracking assets through the pipeline.


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